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App Install Campaign

I help you get App Installs in Google Play Store. I do not commit on Organic App Install. I run Campaigns on CPI basis. I will get installs for you through various paid means. To measure App Installs I need third party App Tracking Platforms.

E-Commerce Marketing

I help you streamlining your E-Commerce Funnel. I will figure out your bottlenecks in the user journey and guide you to enhance the process. I can also help you increasing your revenue through paid marketing channels.
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Performance Marketing and CRO

I help you generate leads for your business. I have more than 5+ years of experience in B2B and B2C Marketing. I have worked with real estates, Technology Companies, Travel Companies to generate leads. I optimize landing pages based on user behavior to improve conversions.

E-Mail marketing

I execute Email Marketing Campaign through our affiliate partners. I have 30+ affiliate partners. CPL, CPC, CPO, CPS campaign execution are our capabilities. I can help you set up your own email Clients. I am capable of Executing Drip Campaigns for your customers for Audience Engagement. I am good at new customer acquisition as well as existing audience nurturing.

Marketing Strategy

I provide consulting service for your marketing need. I will provide you a holistic approach to build different audience layers. I help you with various ideas to reach out to your prospects through various means depending on the stage of the audience funnel.

SEM & Paid Media Marketing

Google Ads Auditing, Bing Ads Auditing is one of my key strengths. I can also do an audit of your Social Media Accounts (Ad Accounts). I am good with Facebook and Instagram Marketing Activities. Twitter, LinkedIn Marketing and Quora Ads are my key strength.

Native Advertising and Programmatic Advertising

I am quite experienced enough to execute and optimize campaigns in Platforms like Taboola, Out Brain, Rev-Content, ColombiaOnline, Vertoz, Reddit etc.

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