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Top 10 Google Chrome Extension For Student

Nowadays Google chrome is one of the more popular browsers and most of the people download the Google Chrome by using other browsers LOl. In Chrome there is so many extension that will help you in many tasks in your browser so if you are a student and you want help by using extension then check out the top 10 chrome extension list, it will help you a lot in your academic.

Best Top 10 extension For Chrome

Mercury Reader

The mercury extension helps you to reformat the page by removing all the uninvited ads and provide a better reading experience. you can customizing text size, fonts, themes also, even you can create a shortcut for instant access. Click here to add the Mercury Reader extension.

Block and Focus

Are you distracting by some website like social networking site and you want to focus only in your academic-related site then this extension will help you block the website that you want to. Click here to add the  Block and Focus extension


Grammarly extension helps to detect spelling mistakes and also correct your grammar But it only works in the English language. you can also add in Microsoft office such as Microsoft Word. Grammarly showing all your errors and gives suggestion in real time. Click here to add the Grammarly extension.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a unique search engine for computing answers and providing knowledge and it also has chrome extension, where you can directly highlighted the queries or equation and search or solve them. if you solve equations or any kind of computation then it will be a helpful extension for you. Click here to add the Wolfram Alpha.


FireShot extension is a screen capturing tools, it has the ability to take screenshots of a webpage from your browser. Now you have a question in your mind ” how it differs from the system screenshot tools” well it captures only the webpage excludes your menu bar and opened tabs. It has a facility to take an extended screenshot of a webpage by scrolling till it reaches the end. Click here to add the Fireshot.

Power Thesaurus

This Power Thesaurus extension help you find out the synonym and antonym of a word. Click here to add the Power Thesaurus.

Selection Reader

So if you are a good listener and you don’t want to read, you only want to listen then Selection Reader extension help you in this,it converts any text to speech mode. Click here to add the Selection Reader.


it is a password manager extension.you can store all your passwords such as net banking, email id etc.you no need to remember all your password only you will have to remember the Master password,  by the master password you can access all your stored password. Click here to add the LastPass.


This extension  for those students who use and active in social media. It has the feature schedule all your post from social networking site like facebook , Twitter, Instagram. you can schedule and share web pages, images, and video and it provides analytics of all your posts. Click here to add the Buffer.


Pocket extension helps you to organize and store web pages, images,videos from any website.Once you add the extension in your Google Chrome browser just click on the extension to save the page or right click on images or videos to save them to Pocket. Click here to add the Pocket.


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